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I’m thrilled to be part of a new guard, writing long-form narrative original journalism for Yahoo News and proving that people will seek out (lengthy!) quality online. My title there is chief national correspondent, and my territory is domestic social issues.

“As the public edges toward impeachment, will the GOP follow?” — SEPTEMBER 27, 2019

“Pelosi, taking on a president, meets feminists’ desire for a superhero” — SEPTEMBER 26, 2019

“Watergate-era Dem urges party to go after Trump on all fronts” — SEPTEMBER 26, 2019

“Parents of children with mental illness look at shooters and wonder, Could that be my child?” — SEPTEMBER 10, 2019

“In wake of ICE raids, devastated communities and broken families” — AUGUST 16, 2019

“After a weekend filled with gunfire, fear is the new normal across America” — AUGUST 9, 2019

“Frightened by shootings, appalled at Trump, Americans are voting with their feet — to leave” — AUGUST 7, 2019

“DNA detectives: New tech can mean a diagnosis for your child, but not a lot of answers” — JULY 26, 2019

“Alabama bill marks the start of all-out war on abortion” — MAY 15, 2019

“Joe Biden comes face-to-face with a changing culture” — APRIL 2, 2019

“Who’s minding the kids? Warren pushes universal childcare” — MARCH 21, 2019

“Some women are happy to let the march pass them by” — MARCH 8, 2019

“‘We are not monsters’: Parents go public about late-term abortions” — FEBRUARY 18, 2019

“Trump, honoring Holocaust survivors, seems blind to events of today” — FEBRUARY 6, 2019

“Medical miracle: One woman’s quest for the elusive shingles vaccine” — JANUARY 26, 2019

“Michael and his 3 parents: The first open adoption babies come of age” — DECEMBER 15, 2018

“Abortion rights activists celebrate wins in midterm elections” — NOVEMBER 8, 2018

“Over nearly a century, Rose Mallinger saw the best and worst of America. Until Saturday.” — OCTOBER 29, 2018

“New Kavanaugh allegations don’t change the fact that it’s all about politics” — SEPTEMBER 18, 2018

“When it’s Woman (D) versus Woman (R), interesting things happen” — AUGUST 24, 2018

“A note of caution about ‘the Year of the Woman’ in politics” — AUGUST 4, 2018

“What would the world be like without Roe v. Wade?” — JULY 26, 2018

“Trump aide Stephen Miller, meet your great-grandfather, who flunked his naturalization test” — JUNE 20, 2018

“Racial imbalance? Admissions policies at Harvard and Stuyvesant HS under scrutiny” — JUNE 18, 2018

“The 8th Circuit strategy: How abortion foes are lining up cases to challenge Roe” — JUNE 11, 2018

“Revenge of the Faceblockers: Social media abstainers aren’t worried about their data” — APRIL 10, 2018

“Republican women running for office find politics is all about Trump” — APRIL 2, 2018

“After Parkland, a new generation uses its voice against guns” — FEBRUARY 17, 2018

“In scandal’s wake, Melania keeps her distance from Donald. Do we care?” — JANUARY 24, 2018

“The women who marched in 2018” — JANUARY 20, 2018

“The ‘Sisterhood of the Van,’ one year after the Women’s March” — JANUARY 19, 2018

“Resilient, or just numb? As atrocities mount, Americans become adept at moving on” — NOVEMBER 8, 2017

“64 hours in October: How one weekend blew up the rules of American politics” — OCTOBER 10, 2017

“Will Congress let Mary Klein decide how to die?” — JUNE 17, 2017

“The contrarians: They didn’t vote for Trump, but they would now” — APRIL 25, 2017

“O’Reilly scandal leaves women wondering: When will it stop?” — APRIL 20, 2017

“Buying weed for Grandpa” — APRIL 17, 2017

“The family that smokes together” — APRIL 17, 2017

“‘We promised to help them’: One congregation’s struggle to bring a Syrian family to America” — FEBRUARY 10, 2017

“Civil servant? Worried about illegal orders? These lawyers want to defend you.” — JANUARY 30, 2017

“‘History!’: Journey to the March on Washington feels like an end and a beginning” — JANUARY 21, 2017

“‘Our world changes today’: A journey to the Women’s March on Washington” — JANUARY 21, 2017

“Is there a method behind Trump’s Twitter madness — and does it really matter?” — JANUARY 18, 2017

“‘The angry Trump voter next door’: A continuing conversation” — JANUARY 18, 2017

“The angry white man next door: Hearing out a Trump voter” — NOVEMBER 22, 2016

“The Green Party’s Jill Stein goes on the trail, packs a tent” — SEPTEMBER 14, 2016

“As Clinton clinches nomination, many of her supporters tiptoe out of the shadows” — JUNE 10, 2016

“Energizer Bernie: How does Sanders keep going, and going, and going?” — MAY 29, 2016

“When Trump made a pass at me. And why it matters.” — MAY 18, 2016

“7 ways Donald Trump is just like the Founding Fathers” — APRIL 8, 2016

“How Trump’s ‘bullying’ would play against Clinton” — MARCH 2, 2016

“The wacky, utterly speculative short list to replace Scalia” — FEBRUARY 18, 2016

“Poisoned by lead: Portraits that will haunt Flint parents” — FEBRUARY 3, 2016

“Hillary, Lena and Amy: Sisterhood is powerful, or so Clinton hopes” — JANUARY 18, 2016

“All in the (nonnuclear, totally unorthodox) family” — JANUARY 14, 2016

“Being married to Bernie” — NOVEMBER 5, 2015

“What’s up with Donald Trump and ‘the women’? Not what you might think.” — OCTOBER 15, 2015

“‘Show Me A Hero’: The Long (But Surprisingly Painless!) Trip From Page to Screen” — AUGUST 13, 2015

“DJ Henry was a black man killed by police. Should he be a cause?” — JULY 27, 2015

“Have You Seen This President? (The One In Which I Try To Solve a Mystery…)” — JULY 14, 2015

“Bill Clinton as First Gent? He’d break new ground — and maybe a little china.” — MAY 29, 2015

“Giving away ‘Anatoly Z.’” — DECEMBER 5, 2014

“Is It A Crime To Raise a Killer?” — SEPTEMBER 12, 2014

“Did Cooper Stock Really Have To Die?” — MAY 21, 2014

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